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Minox announces new SpyCam, James Bond scoffs

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*Photokina: September 25, 2008 - *Minox, makers of fine spy cameras since the 1930s, have released a digital update to their classic 8x11 format SpyCam. Occupying only 3.4 x 1.1 x 0.8 in (86 x 29 x 20 mm) and weighing a mere 3.2oz (90g), it's small that you can hide it in a tight spot during a tight spot. The sneaky little things shoots 3.2 megapixel images and 640 x 480 videos. Unfortunately, all the models at Photokina appeared to be non-functional so we didn't really get to live out our Cold War fantasies of surreptitiously taking pictures of blueprints, but we are sure that when we get a real one, those damn Russkies won't be safe.

The camera has a small, built-in flash, no LCD screen, and can record either to 128MB of internal memory or micro SD cards. An extra unit can be added to provide a greater flash and an LCD, but just about doubles the size, making it not quite so sneaky anymore.

The SpyCam is available online from Minox's store, along with a bevy of other gadgets that shoehorn cameras into your sunglasses, belt and pens. It retails for €199.99, and should be back in stock in early November, just in time for us to ruin the celebration of the October Revolution in Russia.

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