Morpheus Launches Photo-Distorting Software

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August 1, 2006 – Digital animation technology company Morpheus Software launched three new photo-distorting programs, Photo Warper, Photo Mixer, and Photo Animation Suite, last Thursday.

"Today’s digital camera users want to get more entertainment value and enjoyment from their digital photo collections," said Morpheus CEO Dan Engel in Thursday’s news release.

The programs cater to bloggers and social networking users who want to add flash animation to their webpages on sites such as MySpace, Flickr, YouTube, or even, according to Engel.

The new product line debut follows the latest release of Photo Morpher, one of Morpheus’ initial products. With Morpher version 3.0, users can change an image into another by combining two or more photos, their website features a demonstration by transforming an average person into Britney Spears. The Morpheus Morpher has been downloaded 6 million times, according to the release.

The Photo Warper blends photos. For example, users can mix a picture of a woman and a man to produce a photo of their make-believe child, similar to late-night TV spoofs of celebrity couples and their potential offspring. The Mixer images can be saved in JPEG, PNG, or TIFF format.

The Morpheus Photo Warper distends and deflates portions of photos, like those before and after photos displayed on weight loss commercials. These images can be saved as Flash, SWF, or animated GIF files.

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The Morpheus Photo Animation Suite includes all three products and supports an AVI format.

"Users can spice up their personal blogs with photo morphs, warps, and mixes," said Engel.

The Morpheus Morpher, Warper, and Mixer are each priced at $29.95, and the Animation Suite is priced at $59.95. The products are available for download or on CD at

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