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Most Digital Camera Buyers Are Women, Says NPD Group

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October 18, 2005 - According to a study recently completed by the NPD Group, a company that tracks consumer trends and behaviors, women are purchasing more cameras than men. Between May and July of this year, the NPD Group estimates that women were responsible for 53% of camera purchases.

Steve Haber, Sony Electronics’ senior vice president for Personal Mobile and Imaging Division, theorizes in a press release, "Women are more likely to be the memory keepers in a family, capturing and sharing family photos and storing family memories."

Analysis group IDC conducted a study shortly before the NPD Group began gathering data, in which it concluded that women generally don’t have the patience or time for tinkering and exploring their pieces of technology, but would rather have something intuitive to use. This could potentially explain why the standard 5 MP, 3x optical zoom point-and-shoot type of camera has become so ubiquitous.

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