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New miCard Memory Format Announced

Read about the new memory card format called miCard, or Multiple-Interface, that can directly connect to USB ports.

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June 1, 2007 – The MultiMediaCard Association (MMCA) yesterday launched a new type of memory format called the Multiple-Interface Memory Card, or miCard, for short. The miCard is compatible with portable devices including digital cameras, smart phones, and PDAs and includes a direct USB connector, eliminating the need for an external card reader.

"MMCA developed the miCARD specification to provide manufacturers a solution that is adaptable and convenient for consumers," said MMCA chairman Yves Leonard in a company press release yesterday. "Adding USB 2.0 capability to a memory card provides an interface that is compatible with existing products and widely recognized by general consumers."

The Multiple-Interface Memory Card is USB 2.0 compatible and can transfer data at 480 Mbits per second, according to the release. Measuring 12 x 21 x 1.95mm, the size of the new miCard is comparable to current MultiMediaCards (MMC) but will initially require an adaptor for MMC-compliant devices. The organization, however, anticipates that future devices will be able to directly accept the miCard.

The new miCard joins a long list of memory format options for consumers. The MutliMediaCard Association is an open standard memory card organization with a mission for product interoperability, according to the MMCA mission statement. MMCA board members include Kingston, ATP, HP, and Samsung, among others.

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