New PhotoShop Plug-In Released; Designed to Mimic Signature Film Effects

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*December 12, 2005 – *Alien Skin Software announced Thursday the release of Exposure, a brand new Adobe PhotoShop plug-in that mimics the look of dozens of world film stocks like Ektachrome (including the discontinued EES and GAF 500), Velvia, Kodachrome and Ilford 3200 Delta, among others.

Exposure owners can choose a signature film look as a starting point from which to construct their own signature look and then save it as a one-click effect. The adjusted images can be rendered as a PhotoShop layer to save time and file space for the user who would typically make an original copy. They are also easily viewable in the optional split screen preview featuring a before and after button.

Alien Skin touts that this plug-in uses shadows, mid-tones and highlights to simulate a realistic grain look rather than noise. The plug-in also mimics cross-processing, push processing, glamour portrait softening and other studio/darkroom effects.

Exposure will be available in early 2006 at an estimated price of $199 (US).

To see samples of what the Exposure plug-in is capable of go to:

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