Nikon Adds New Batches to their Battery Recall List

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December 6, 2005 – An additional list of batch numbers has been added to Nikon's November 8th recall of their rechargeable EN-EL3 li-ion batteries used in Nikon Digital SLR cameras. The problem, as with the previously recalled batches, is that the battery can overheat, resulting in a camera meltdown (and potential fire).


The new batch numbers (printed on each battery) are:

51AA, 51AB, 51AC, 51AD, 51AE, 51AF, 51AG, 51AH, 53AA, 53AB, 54AE, 54AF and 54AH.

Owners of all Nikon D100, D70 or D50 cameras and users of the li-ion battery EN-EL3 are strongly urged to check their battery batch number and return all defective batteries to Nikon for a replacement free of charge.

For a complete list of batch numbers, the location of a battery's batch number and information on how to return a defective battery go to: and click on 'EN-EL3 Battery Recall' or

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