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Nikon Alludes to Future Firmware Upgrades on D2-Series

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June 15, 2006 – Nikon’s European web site revealed plans for upgrading its DSLR line’s firmware. The Nikon D2X, D2Hs, and D200 are slated for updates this fall. All of the new firmware will include improvements introduced on the Nikon D2Xs and compatibility with the freshly released Image Authentication Software.

For D2X photographers, Nikon will be providing a firmware update that allows the camera to implement the functions of the newly released Nikon D2Xs. This includes adding the extra higher ISO steps between the 800 and HI-1 settings. The auto focus system will be improved and a sRGB black-and-white color mode will be added.

The upgrade will add a trimming feature and mirror lock-up functionality off of battery power instead of just on AC adaptor power. Tone compensation will be added to the shooting menu and the setup menu will see a new "Save/Load Settings" option. A "Recent Settings" option will track changes in the setup menu. The burst mode will shoot for a maximum of 60 images now.

The Nikon D2Hs will be eligible for a firmware upgrade, but Nikon has no plans to upgrade the original D2H. The D2Hs will receive many of the same upgrades that the D2X is in line for.

The Nikon D200 won’t pick up many new features. It will adopt the Image Authentication option in its setup menu and will pick up support for a wireless transmitter too.

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