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Nikon D700 Arrives: First Shots

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We received our eagerly awaited Nikon D700 review unit late in the day yesterday and, after a quick battery charge, ran out to search for low-light shooting opportunities as the sun went down. This is the camera that mimics the pro-favorite D3 in nearly every key spec, including its full-frame image sensor, but costs $2995.95 (body only) while the D3 runs $4995.95 (see our coverage of the announcement here)

First impressions: cruising along on automatic (except for tweaking the ISO settings by hand), we found the D700 did a fine job in tricky lighting situations. The shot of the boat catches the color of the last light of the day nicely, and even the final front porch photo has very little noise considering the shooting conditions. As for the cat, we wouldn't have gotten off more than a single shot using flash, even bounced off the ceiling. With the Nikon at ISO 3200 she sat patiently.

Check back next week when we'll post our first lab testing results for the D700, to be followed by an in-depth review.

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