Nikon Teases Upcoming DSLR

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July 24, 2006 – Nikon recently posted a teaser on their website, counting down the days until the official launch of their upcoming DSLR on August 9.

With two and a half weeks to go, Nikon enthusiasts are waiting for the new DSLR. The only specification Nikon has released is that the new camera will have 10.2 megapixels and seems like it could be a successor to the D70/D70s models, designed to compete with Sony’s Alpha A100. The new camera will have "more power, more control, more versatile, more excitement," states the website teaser, "integrating quality and affordability."

The new Nikon DSLR will fall in line with the Nikon D200 with the same megapixel count, which was released last year at $1700. Nikon also produces the D2Xs at 12.4 megapixels, the D50 and D70s, both at 6.1 megapixels, and the action-oriented 4.1 megapixel D2Hs, which shoots at 8 frames per second.

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