Nikon Will Supply Stepper for Powerchip Memory

Nikon Will Supply Stepper for Powerchip Memory

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"We are pleased that Powerchip selected us as their supplier for immersion lithography technology," said Nikon President of Precision Equipment Company Kazuo Ushida in a Nikon release today. "This continues our strong, existing relationship with Powerchip for both leading edge tools and non-critical layer lithography."

Immersion, or wet, lithography is a photographic process that uses purified water, the lens of a stepper, and a wafer. Nikon’s immersion stepper, the NSR-S610C ArF, was chosen for the upcoming flash memory chip for its performance, according to the release.Nikon’s stepper prevents bubbling, water spots, wafer contamination, and fluid evaporation, problems typical of immersion steppers, stated the release.

Nikon recently raised the target goal of stepper unit production to 30 steppers for next year, up from 20 units, starting in April 2007, according to Reuters.

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