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NuCore Technology Inc. Announces New Series of Image Processors

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March 8, 2006 – NuCore Technology Inc. announced a new series of image processors for digital cameras and camcorders today. The CleanCapture II line is updated with features to allow high ISO photography, image stabilization, automatic face detection, red-eye fix, and high-definition video capture. The new CleanCapture II image processors are available to manufacturers for development immediately.

"NuCore continues to provide the real, practical solutions that OEMs and end users need to enhance the picture and video taking experience," said Jim Chapman, CEO of NuCore Technology, in today’s press release. "With the SIP-2290 and NDX-2240, we provide OEMs with technology that eliminates many of the ‘annoyances’ end users experience by significantly improving low light photography, dramatically minimizing red eye, and providing powerful real time face detection, all at true HD resolutions for DVC and DSC markets."

Indeed, NuCore has CleanCapture II image processors designed for camcorders and digital cameras. With more and more digital cameras flaunting high ISO settings and low noise, NuCore’s image processors certainly have the guts to provide the trendiest features in digital imaging. The processor is programmed to suppress noise and can "double or quadruple the usable ISO settings on a camera," according to the press release.

The NuCore CleanCapture II image processors also have features that would come in handy for a camera’s movie mode. The processor can detect up to 6 faces in a video and produce high-definition video at a rate of 60 frames per second.

"With the SIP-2290 and NDX-2240, DVC and DSC manufacturers will be able to take full advantage of the market shift to high-definition digital video," Chapman said. "No other image processor can offer this level of image quality and performance at HD resolutions together with the ease of use features crucial for success in the consumer camera market."

Along with the high ISO and video features, the CleanCapture II processors have other solid imaging functionality. The processors can automatically detect and eliminate red-eye. They also have InfiniteBurst technology that lets digital cameras snap full resolution shots at up to 5 frames per second up to the memory card’s capacity – without any pauses for recording. The CleanCapture II image processors tout better dynamic range and are compatible with both CCD and CMOS sensors. So will a NuCore processor be in your next digital camera purchase? You may never know.

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