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Olympus Updates Stylus Weatherproof Cameras

Olympus updated its weatherproof Stylus line with three new cameras, the Stylus 1200, 830, and 820. These all-metal, weatherproof cameras boost higher megapixel counts while offering a new color scheme for camera body colors

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***August 23, 2007* – Included in Olympus' eight-camera announcement today are the the Stylus 1200, 830, and 820. These all-metal, weatherproof cameras boast higher megapixel counts and a wider array of colors than their predecessors. The Stylus cameras will range in price from $249.99 to $349.99 when they are released in the fall. 

Like the Stylus 780, introduced in March, the 830 and 820 point-and-shoots include a 5x optical zoom lens with a focal length that measures 36-180mm in 35mm format. The Stylus 1200 carries a 3x optical zoom lens with a focal length of 35-105mm. The 12-megapixel Stylus 1200 and 8-megapixel Stylus 820 and 830 tout higher resolution CCD image sensors than the 7.1-megapixel 780. Two of the three new cameras feature larger LCD screens. The Stylus 820 and 1200 have 2.7-inch monitors, while the Stylus 830's screen remains at 2.5 inches.

The new cameras carry over the TruePic III image processor from the earlier model. As with all the Olympus cameras introduced today, the TruePic processor brings with it features including Shadow Adjustment, Face Detection, and Bright Capture technology.

The Stylus 830 features a Dual Image Stabilization system that combines digital and mechanical image stabilization to compensate for moving subjects and camera shake. The 1200 and 820 have a digital image stabilization system that boosts ISO and shutter speed to reduce blur. Additionally, these two models have a Digital Image Stabilization (DIS) Edit function. According to Olympus press materials, the internal gyro sensor tracks and records the range of camera shake and, if users capture a blurry photo, the DIS Edit function can reduce blur post-capture. 

In addition, the three cameras have a new Perfect Fix function that performs multiple edits to a photo at once. All three cameras have Red-Eye and Lighting Fix. The Stylus 1200 and 820 add Digital Image Stabilization edit and several other editing features. These two cameras also include built-in panoramic stitching for a 3-frame single composite.

The Stylus 830 and 820 have expanded color options. All three cameras will be available in the standard silver and black. The Stylus 830, however, will also come in orange, green, and blue, and the Stylus 820 in red and blue.

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The Olympus Stylus 1200 and 830 will be available in October and priced at $349.99 and $329.99, respectively. The Stylus 820, set to be released in September, will retail for $249.99.

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