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Panasonic LS70, LS75, LS60 Announced

The LS70 comes to the market as the flagship of Panasonic's cheapest line of digital cameras.

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January 31, 2007 – The Lumix DMC-LS70 was announced today and will take its place as flagship in Panasonic’s budget line of digital cameras. The LS70 makes a few improvements on its predecessor, but it comes with the same 3x optical zoom lens and 2-inch LCD screen. It will retail for $149 in February. With the U.S. announcement of LS70 come two international counterparts, the 7.2-megapixel LS75 and 6-megapixel LS60 that will be offered in select markets but not in the U.S.

The 7.2-megapixel Panasonic LS70 improves on the 5-megapixel resolution of the LS2 that debuted around this time last year. It also adds "intelligent image stabilization," that combines the optical stabilization and the automatic ISO control which detects subject movement and adjusts the ISO and shutter speed accordingly.  The digital camera has 18 scene modes and a Simple mode that blocks access to menus and options. The LS70’s control options are very similar to the LS2’s with the exception of the manual ISO settings. The old model topped out at ISO 400, but the new LS70 can extend its ISO to 1250.  The LS70 and LS2 have the same Lumix DC Vario 3x optical zoom lens. The cameras have the same width, but the height and length has been changed so that the new Panasonic LS70 doesn’t look as horizontal. The 2-inch LCD screen takes up much of the back’s space. Unfortunately, the 86k pixel resolution is still the same on both cameras.  Panasonic added a few new features to the Lumix DMC-LS70. An Easy Zoom button jumps to the 3x telephoto edge of the lens at the push of a button. A Quick Setting shortcut provides easy access to frequently used options. Widescreen movies can be recorded with audio, a huge upgrade from the LS2’s silent videos. Both digital cameras run on AA batteries and get 250 shots per charge using Panasonic Oxyride batteries.  "Panasonic is committed to bringing a variety of cameras to our users to match their digital lifestyle," said Alex Fried, national marketing manager of Imaging for Panasonic Corporation of North America. "The DMC-LS70 is leading the charge for our 2007 Lumix line as the ideal compact camera that offers more than a consumer would expect for its features and size."

The new Lumix LS75 and LS70 have not been announced for the U.S. The LS75 shares its 7.2-megapixel count with the LS70, while the LS6 has a 6-megapixel sensor. The LS75 totes a larger LCD display with a 2.5-inch monitor. The LS60 comes with a 2-inch LCD screen.

The LS75 and LS60 feature a full resolution 3x optical zoom Lumix lens, like the U.S. version. It is capable of extended zoom at a lower resolution with the Extra Optical Zoom function. The LS75 can zoom up to 4.5x and the LS60 can zoom to 4.1x at a lower 3 megapixel resolution

All the cameras are compatible with AA batteries and come with the included Panasonic AA Oxyride batteries for extended shooting of up to 250 shots on the LS75 and LS70 and up to 260 shots on the LS60, according to the Panasonic Global press release.  

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