Pentax 645 Still Lives Under Glass

Pentax 645 Still Lives Under Glass

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Las Vegas, Nevada, March 11, 2007 – Pentax displayed the 645 Digital medium format camera under a glass bubble at PMA, leaving many waiting for more details. Since the Pentax’s announcement last month, consumers have discovered that the medium-format camera will come equipped with a 31.6-megapixel count and a 55mm lens.

Based on the their film medium-format camera, the new digital Pentax 645 was first announced in March 2005, with details slowly being released to the public in piecemeal.

The future Pentax 645 will hold a 31.6-megapixel Kodak sensor, a change from the 18.6-megapixel sensor (KAF-18000CE) that the camera was originally announced with last year. The sensor change essentially required a redesign in the camera, according to a Pentax representative.

The manufacturer displayed the new sensor alongside the 10.2-megapixel sensor of their K10D DSLR, which is roughly a third of the size of the new image sensor.

The Pentax 645 mock-up included a smc Pentax-D FA 645 55mm lens on the untouchable display model. No official details have been released about pricing or availability.

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