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Pentax Offers Part-Replacement for Six Optio Models

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December 5, 2005 - Pentax has offered to correct the problem of a bad LCD screen image, regardless of warranty status, in six of its Optio models. According to Pentax, symptoms for this particular problem are restricted to LCD monitors that become dark and fail to display the image or if the "the image falls into disorder.'

Faulty CCDs sensors supplied by a particular vendor are blamed for the problem and Pentax notes that the CCDs are particularly prone to fail under conditions of humidity and heat. The malfunctioning CCDs have been found in Optio330RS, Optio330GS, Optio33L, Optio43WR, Optio550, and Optio555 cameras. Even if your particular camera is not exhibiting the problem currently, Pentax warns that the malfunction may occur once the camera is 'exposed to high temperatures and humidity.'

For instructions on how to send your camera in for free inspection and service, click here:

Note: According to the Pentax website, cameras sent in for service after November 18th will not be returned in time for Christmas.

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