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Phase One Announces Three New Digital Backs in Total

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October 24, 2005 - Here come the rest of Phase One’s new digital backs (which started to emerge here); joining the announcement of the P30 are the P45 and P21, with 39 megapixels and 18 megapixels, respectively.

The P21 is marketed towards fashion and portrait shooters with a 60 frame per minute speed in both tethered and untethered modes, with a file size of 54 MB. Like all cameras in the P-series, the P21 can transfer images wirelessly.

The P30 offers 45 frames per minute with an ISO range of 50 to 800 and is aimed at fashion photographers, with what Phase One calls, "virtually Moiré free shooting." It is designed to be used with Phase One’s new Moiré Suppression (detailed here) in their Capture One PRO software.

The P45 offers 35 frames per minute with an ISO range of 50-400, and provides files composed of a whopping 117 MB.

More information, and links to individual backs’ specification sheets, can be found here

The P21 will be available in February of 2006, while the P30 and P45 will start shipping in December and November, respectively.

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