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Photoshop CS4 Supports Proofing Schemes for Colorblindness

Photoshop Co-Product Manager Bryan O\'Neil Hughes in John Nack\'s blog mentions his struggle with color-blindness.

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Photoshop Co-Product Manager Bryan O'Neil Hughes in John Nack's blog mentions his struggle with color-blindness. He also mentions that Photoshop CS4 supports proofing schemes that simulate the effect of colorblindness. This was done by Adobe collaborating with the University of Tokyo and the Industrial Research Institute of Ishikawa.

Says Hughes:*

"1-3% of the world’s population (again, mostly male and varying in frequency by geography) is truly color blind. These folks are missing entire portions of the color spectrum...and often have no notion of red, green, purple, etc. For these individuals, the handicap is more than an inconvenience--it can be frustrating and dangerous."*

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