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PicaJet Announces Photo Sharing Software Update

Last week, PicaJet announced the update of the Photo Manager software.

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July 9, 2007 – PicaJet last week announced an update to its photo management software. Automatic image uploading to photo sharing sites is now available with PicaJet v.

The new automatic upload software utilizes plugins that are compatible with photo sharing sites Fotki and Flickr. The plugins are integrated into the photo management process. They resize images, copy PicaJet's categories and captions, convert file formats, and place images in selected sets or folders. Users may also now prepare photos to be sent to a mobile phone. The Send-To-Mobile feature will resize and reformat the photo, and also let the user choose what model phone the photo will be sent to.

PicaJet retails for $59.95 and requires Windows 95 or higher. It is Windows XP and Vista compatible, and runs on 64 MB of RAM. The software may be purchased from the company’s website.

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