PMA 2007 Comes to a Close

PMA 2007 Comes to a Close

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Las Vegas, Nevada, March 11, 2007 – The 83rd Photo Marketing Association International Convention and Trade Show 2007 concludes today having witnessed the launch of nearly 80 digital cameras. The trade show floor saw the usual suspects of long-time industry manufacturers as well as one new player in GE.

Among the PMA camera lines are some new innovations including HD capabilities for high definition TV viewing with products including all of Sony’s spring line and HD video capture which will be available on the Canon TX1. Another new feature is a built-in tagging function to help aid users in organizing and retrieving their photos that will be available in new cameras by HP.

Manufacturers this week also expanded and improved in-camera features such as face detection, built-in retouching and editing functions (Pentax, HP), and wireless transfer of images (Sony, Nikon).

For DSLRs, users will find more cameras that offer Live View, which is used to compose an image from high or low angles using a pivoting LCD screen, in cameras such as the Olympus EVOLT E-510, EVOLT E-410, and the Canon 1D Mark III.

Consumers can look forward to the plethora of these new features in the spring, when most of the digital cameras will be shipping.

Key Features of PMA cameras:

More face detection

In-camera tagging

Built-in retouching

Wireless transfer of images

HD capabilities

Live View on DSLR

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