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Qipit Turns Photographed Documents into Digital Copies

A new online service can turn photographed documents into digital copies.

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August 9, 2007 – A new online service can turn photographed documents into digital copies. Geared toward students, Qipit works with any camera phone or digital camera and allows users to photograph notes, flyers, or periodicals and turn them into printable copy.

'I recognized Qipit’s value for students," said Benoit Bergeret, CEO and president of Qipit, Inc. in a press release. "I realized how useful Qipit’s service could be for students to capture and share written notes – without giving up their notebooks."

Students photograph a piece of handwritten or printed information and send the resulting picture to Qipit. The material is then transformed into a digital copy that can be stored online or shared with others. Qipit produces clear ink-on-white digital copies of the original documents and can be faxed, linked with a URL, or posted on a website.

"My friends and I always trade notes – to make sure we didn’t miss anything important for a test or because we totally missed the class," said Leah Weinstein, a senior at the University of California, San Diego, in a press release. "Qipit is great for note sharing because it’s a fast and easy way to get the notes to everyone – saving me time so I can focus on other things."

The service is free, althought users will incur costs for MMS messaging or mobile e-mail if using a cell phone.

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