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Samsung Cameras Make it To Space

Samsung just got the stamp of approval from Russia’s Energia

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Samsung just got the stamp of approval from Russia’s Energia , which for the uninitiated is an organization that developed the Soyuz spacecraft and the international space station.

2 Samsung Techwin cameras including 1 DSLR camera and 1 NV camera plus batteries, etc. will be flying on the Soyuz spacecraft on April 8th and will delivered to the Korean astronaut Soyeon Lee as well as Russian scientists. The astronauts will test the cameras capabilities in outerspace (talk about pressure) and  will undergo rigorous quality testing.

A Samsung Techwin representative said, "On a historic day when a Korean takes flight into space for the first time, our company is proud that our technology is providing the first Korean digital camera in space. It means that we are letting the world know we have the best technology in the digital camera field. Henceforth Samsung Techwin will continue to develop world-class products for the space age, and we will look to capture more of the global market."

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