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Samsung Creates World’s Fastest Micro Memory Card

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*February 10, 2006 - *Samsung Semiconductor Global, a division of Samsung, has just announced that they have manufactured the world’s fastest micro memory card, the 1 GB MMCmicro. It possesses a writing speed of 7.12 megabytes/second and a reading speed of 7.38 megabytes/second, statistics that the EE Times claims to be 3.5 times faster than the leading micro card.

The MMCmicro can store 20 5 megapixel images in 11 seconds and 90 minutes of video in less than 2 minutes. The micro card, which has a 1GB capacity, also consumes less power than other micro cards. In fact, it is more compatible since it is a dual voltage card that can operate at both 1.8V or 3.3V, making it usable in both mobile phones and PDA-type devices. The card, with the use of an adapter, can also plug into any multimedia card slot.

The MMCmicro is 12 mm x 14 mm x 1.1 mm small, another plus for application in "weight-conscious" devices like digital cameras.

According to Samsung, the 1GB MMCmicro will become available commercially in the fall of 2006.

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