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Samsung enhances entire NX mirrorless line with three new WiFi models

Samsung has just announced three new compact system cameras, each sporting built-in WiFi along with the excellent 20.3-megapixel APS-C image sensor. Read on for our coverage of the three new NX-series cameras.

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Samsung has just announced the release of three new NX-series mirrorless cameras, fleshing out their line with a full complement of WiFi-packing high-speed options in addition to the already-released NX200.

The three cameras will bookend the current NX line, with the entry-level NX1000, WiFi-packing NX210, and prosumer-focused NX20. All three models follow in the footsteps of Samsung's current compact cameras, with WiFi integration becoming the norm, rather than the exception, across their camera lineup.

The three cameras join the NX200 in Samsung's compact system camera lineup. We reviewed the NX200 just this past winter, and were very impressed with its 20.3-megapixel image sensor, high speed capabilities, AMOLED rear LCD, and great slate of controls.

All three cameras share those three high points, sporting the same image sensor, with slight variations in speed, physical layout, and other hardware characteristics. The real draw for all three, however, is the WiFi functionality. While Samsung's compacts showed good integration of the technology, WiFi built into interchangeable lens cameras sporting large APS-C image sensors may provide the incentive users need to carry a dedicated camera everywhere they go.

The NX210 is nearly identical to the NX200, with the main difference being the built-in WiFi radio, allowing you to wirelessly transmit images to any number of websites and social media sharing sites. As we saw with several Samsung WiFi-enabled compact cameras, this usually works by communicating directly with a smartphone, letting you push photos from anywhere you have service.

Joining the NX210 is the NX20, a prosumer-focused model that solves two of the main problems we had with the NX200—the lack of electronic viewfinder and insubstantial grip. The NX20 has both of those things built right into the body itself, with an SVGA electronic viewfinder and a slightly larger, more rubberized grip than the NX200.

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The NX20 also sports a large, 3-inch articulating AMOLED screen, with the ability to shoot up to 8fps (JPEG or RAW), and an ISO range of 100-12800, giving it a slight edge over the NX200 on paper on top of the WiFi capability. It will slot in the line at just a hair over $1000, aimed squarely at enthusiast shooters who want a high-resolution sensor, 8fps burst shooting, but want a tilting AMOLED screen and electronic viewfinder.

The NX1000 provides an entry-level option for Samsung's NX line. Despite being nominally the baby of the group, the NX1000 retains the same 20.3-megapixel image sensor as the other NX models, fires at a continuous rate of up to 8fps, has WiFi integration, though it lags behind the other models with a standard TFT-LCD rear monitor (though it's still a relatively high 921k dot resolution).

The Samsung NX20 will begin shipping in early May, at an MSRP of $1099.99, while the NX210 will arrive at the same time for $899.99. Pricing and availability are not currently available for the NX1000, though we expect it to be available later this year.

For more on these three new models and to read the full press release, please visit Samsung's press website by going here.

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