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Samsung Unveils Flash Drives Up to 32GB

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September 12, 2005 – Samsung has announced plans to begin production of the world’s largest flash memory chips, capable of reaching capacities of up to 32GB. This would ideally have the potential to free photographers from carrying multiple cards.

In addition to larger capacities, Samsung’s new card will offer faster write speeds thanks to the 50-nanometer cell size technology the company has developed, compared to 60-nanometer technology used in the company’s previous offerings.

Production of the new memory chips, which are contained in products such as USB flash drives and memory cards, should begin by late 2006, according to a statement released by Samsung.

Samsung controls nearly 60 percent of the global flash memory market. Its products are utilized by numerous manufacturers for everything from cell phone memory to compact flash cards, including most recently the flash drives in Apple’s iPod Nano.

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