Sci-Fi Channel to Air Reality Show with Camera Phone Superhero

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July 27, 2006 – Reality TV show "Who Wants To Be A Superhero?" premieres tonight on the Sci-Fi channel, with eleven contestants vying for the chance to be immortalized in a new comic book by legend Stan Lee, creator of Spider-man and X-men.

One of the eleven contestants is Cell Phone Girl, whose secret identity is 22-year-old interior designer Chelsea Weld. Weld, along with the other contestants, sent in the original idea and costume for a superhero. Suffering from the effects of a mobile phone factory explosion, stated Weld in her audition tape, Cell Phone Girl fights for humankind with her superhuman cell phone powers that include teleporting from cell phone to cell phone. Her other powers include, you guessed it, taking digital photos with her eyes and the ability to view objects up to a 4x magnification zoom.

Cell Phone Girl’s weaknesses are not kryptonite, but instead bad reception in no-service areas. The superhero, said Weld, also faces interference problems, both through frequencies and male distractions. Above all else, the superhero must recharge daily and limit contact with humans, said Weld, for fear of long-term exposure to Cell Phone Girl’s radiation.

Other superhero contestants include Nitro G, Monkey Woman, and Fat Mama. The series airs tonight at 9/8 CDT.

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