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Sea And Sea Nikon D80 Underwater Case Passes Shark Bite Test

Sea And Sea Nikon D80 Underwater Case Passes Shark Bite Test

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I guess this is one way to test an underwater case: Karin Brussard of Let's Go Digital was testing a Sea & Sea underwater case with a Nikon D80 when an attempt to lure a shark closer in for a shot went wrong: the shark got upset and decided to see how the case tasted. An excerpt from Karin's story:

"One of the sharks gets in too close to one of the divers and Jim intervenes. He gives the shark a push with the camera. The tiger shark is not impressed. He grabs hold of the camera and swims aggressively away with it. I am feeling uncomfortable and go through my oxygen quickly. Luckily the shark eventually lets go of the camera and swims away."

It seems that the Sea & Sea case survived the gentle nibbling of the tiger shark unscathed, though, and it also survived being run into nose first by another shark. I'm thinking that we won't be adding this particular test to our normal camera testing process; it might be hard to explain to the manufacturer when we return the camera with lots of sharky tooth marks.

[Via Gizmodo, photo by Karin Brussard of LetsGoDigital]

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