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SendPhotos expands consumer options with Gold 4.0

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  • May 4, 2005 - * Boulder-based SendPhotos, Inc. is rolling out its new SendPhotos Gold Version 4.0 software package. This software package will allow consumers more comprehensive digital photo sharing options, such as the ability to create custom-designed photo e-mails and develop professional online photo albums. It will even facilitate instant access to local photo finishers.

"Our number one user request was to be able to share original image files or prints with SendPhotos email recipients in a way other than simply attaching a large file to an email," said Mike Kronenberg, president of SendPhotos, Inc. The company has found a way to meet this challenge. SendPhotos Gold automatically converts photos by inserting the picture into the body of a custom-designed email. According to SendPhotos this eliminates the need for large attachments and reportedly makes delivery 25 times faster.

The company, established in 2001, has also entered into a partnership with LifePics, a nation-wide photo-developing network. This greatly expands SendPhotos’ market and consumer outreach; it allows SendPhoto users to access the LifePics photo network to have their pictures processed and even shipped to them. Additionally, SendPhotos is establishing an online photo album site. According to a SendPhotos press release, "users can now take the same fun photo emails they've designed and easily publish them online in their own personalized photo albums, or Photoblogs. Images can also be uploaded to the LifePics Network so that users can purchase 1-hour prints from their favorite local store with the simple click of a button."

"Our new SendPhotos Photoblog Albums site and our partnership with LifePics both allow us to provide this functionality to our customers, making it convenient for them to share high quality prints with their friends and family," said Kronenberg.

SendPhotos Gold Version 4.0, which will retail for $29.95, works on Windows 98, ME, 2000, and XP operating Systems. It will also run on VirtualPC for Mac users. Discounted upgrade pricing is also available for registered users of earlier versions of SendPhotos.

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