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Shoot Around Corners With A Mirror Adapter

Shoot Around Corners With A Mirror Adapter

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Looking for the perfect gift for the sneaky photographer in your life? This might be a good pick; the Bower Angle-Scope adapter is a mirrored adapter that fits on the front of your SLR lens and allows you to shoot around corners. Priced at $50, it’s available with adapter rings that work with 49, 52, 55 and 58mm filter ring sizes, so it will only work with single focal length and smaller zoom lenses; you won’t be able to stick it on anything with a focus ring size bigger than 58mm (additional ring adapters are $5). If you need to check, the focus ring size is always shown on the front of the lens, usually on the edge around the front element of the lens. The manufacturer says that the adapter will work with any lens with a focal length of more then 50mm; shorter lenses will get areas of black around the edges.  

[Via Core77]

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