SimpleSlideShow Launches for Auto Photo Delivery to PC

SimpleSlideShow Launches for Auto Photo Delivery to PC

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December 20, 2006 – Norris Family Industry launched this month SimpleSlideShow, a Windows-enabled software that automatically sends photos from a person’s PC directly to another PC.  SimpleSlideShow packages range from $24.95 for the starter pack to $99.95 for the unlimited package.

"The biggest distinction between other software packages is the automatic photo delivery," said Thaine Norris, writer of the program and President of Norris Family Industry in an interview with 

Norris, a father of six children, started SimpleSlideShow as a solution for his mother who wanted an easier way to view photos of her grandchildren.Geared for the less than tech-savvy users or busy people, this grandma-tested software allows a user to sync photos to another computer. 

SimpleSlideShow acts as a remote control, according to the company website. With the SimpleSlideShow Manager, a user can send photos from their PC, email, server, FTP, or Flickr account.The user organizes photos into a slideshow, through the drag-and-drop method, for delivery. Then they select the "Sync" tool to send photos to the recipient, enabled with the included SimpleSlideShow Viewer through an email invitation. The recipient can then view photos at a specific time each day, or every hour if desired.SimpleSlideShow does not come with sound, but it has 13 transition effects options from which the receipt can choose.

Consumers may wonder why pay $25 for SimpleSlideShow when there are various free photo-sharing sites or digital photo frames that include Internet capabilities.  Because the software is automatic, users do not have to log-in or check emails, according to Norris.  Photos appear on the screensaver automatically.

The no-ad, no subscription software is a also a one-time purchase, providing an alternative to digital frames which can cost hundreds of dollars, such as the wi-fi-enabled Ceiva Digital Photo Frame, the Flickr-connected eStarling Photo Frame, or the Bluetooth-enabled Parrot Photo Viewer. Norris, dissatisfied with the low LCD quality of his digital photo viewer, used SimpleSlideShow as the solution. 

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SimpleSlideShow plans to launch a Mobile Viewer for camera phone users early next year.In addition, Norris plans to include printing options, according to the company president. 

SimpleSlideShow is for "typical photo-sharing consumers," said Norris.

Users can download at trial version at

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