Snapter Aims to Make Scanning Easy

Read about Snapter, a free software program that crops and copies documents taken with a digital camera.

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April 12, 2007 – Want an efficient way to save all your business cards but don't want to spend money on a scanner? Easily copy your friend’s class notes? Import secret legal documents for espionage? A recently launched program called Snapter allows users to copy documents with a digital camera, eliminating the need for a scanner, according to the website. Snapter version 1.02.01, launched this week, can automatically crop the documents to be saved on a PC.

Many digital cameras now offer a "Text" or "Document" mode, alongside the traditional Portrait or Landscape mode. As digital camera manufacturers are getting hip to consumers' desire to easily copy text, Snapter is stepping in to help streamline the process of cropping the items.

Snapter claims the software means, "Goodbye, scanner. Hello digital camera." for users. Users must take a full view picture of the document against a backdrop, ideally a black, blue, green, or yellow background, according to the company website. Once uploaded to the computer, the PC-enabled Snapter allows the user to choose how the photo is processed. "Document" is best for letters, receipts, and post-in notes. "Card" is optimized for the wide format of a business card, and "Book" corrects the curvature of a printed book. Automatic border detection enables Snapter to trim off the background.

Users can select the image's quality, apply color enhancements such as grayscale, and use ratio size for Legal-sized documents. The images can be saved as JPEG or PDFs.

Snapter version 1.02.01 is compatible with Windows 2000 and higher including Vista. A 15-day trial is available at The commercial edition of Snapter will retail for $49 when the software becomes available on April 24.

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