Sony Announces Cyber-shot DSC-S600 with 450 Shot Battery Life

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*January 4, 2006, Las Vegas, NV – *Sony announced a new addition to its Stamina S-series today with the introduction of the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S600. The S600 offers users an extended battery life of up to 460 shots from rechargeable NiMH AAs and 6 megapixels of imaging power while still keeping the price around $200. The Sony S600 is expected to be available around January 20th.

"In addition to its impressive six megapixels, it’s a camera with intelligence, helping you to capture every special moment without concern about complex camera settings," said James Neal, director of imaging products at Sony Electronics, in today’s press release.

The affordable S600 has all the basics of a decent digital camera and still adds a few bonus features. The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S600 has a 3x optical zoom lens that has a wide angle of 31 mm and extends to 93 mm. A 2-inch LCD screen graces the back of this compact camera. The Sony S600 offers extended sensitivity up to ISO 1000, enabling users to photograph in relatively low light without the use of the flash. If the flash is still desired, its range at ISO 1000 extends to 33 feet.

The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S600 can shoot high-resolution still images or television-quality video at 640 x 480 pixels at a rate of 30 frames per second. For the price, the S600 appears to offer some speed. Its Real Imaging Processor is credited with decreasing start-up and shot to shot times, as well as nearly eliminating the dreaded digital shutter lag.

This digital camera falls in the Stamina series of the Cyber-shot line with its cohorts, the S40, S60, and S90. The S600 doesn’t have the flat look of the S40 or the boxy look of the other two S-models, but lingers somewhere in between with its 3.9 x 2 x 1.4-inch measurements. The Sony S600 isn’t incredibly skinny, but it is still compact and has a basic style typical of such an affordable model. What isn’t typical about the affordable camera is that it offers 6 megapixels, quick speeds, and 32 MB of internal memory.

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