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Sony Introduces 10 MP Cyber-shot N2

Sony Introduces 10 MP DSC-N2, touch screen, photo album

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September 10, 2006 – Sony Electronics Inc. today unveiled its second N-series Cyber-shot, the 10-megapixel DSC-N2. The N2 carries the same touch screen interface as its predecessor and will retail for $450 when it becomes available next month.

The Sony DSC-N2 is the upgrade for the one-year-old N1. At $50 less than the N1’s introductory price, the new N2 totes a high 10-megapixel count over the older model’s 8.1-megapixels. With similar body designs, the Sony DSC-N2 borrows the N1’s Carl Zeiss 3x optical zoom lens and 3-inch touch screen LCD. The N2 has the same 230,000 pixel, scratch-resistant, Sony Super Clear Photo Plus LCD display. The camera allows users to draw on the LCD with a paint tool, an add-on pen with functions similar to signing a UPS digital pad.

Introduced alongside the Sony DSC-T50, the new Cyber-shot N2 is a tool for what Sony calls the "art of storytelling." "With digital photography, the social interaction that happens when people share their pictures has become as important as making great photographs," said Phil Lubell, Sony Electronics director of marketing in today’s press release. Equip with slideshow capabilities with add-on music, the N2 has various effects for pans, wipes, and fades for playback.

Like the model before it, the DSC-N2 can automatically resize a full size image from the optical memory card and convert it as smaller VGA-sized image to be saved on the camera’s 25 MB of internal memory. Acting as a "photo diary in your pocket," according to the release, users can save up to 500 images on the camera’s "pocket album." Like keeping photos in a wallet, the pocket album allows users to keep their favorite pictures with them at all times.

Other improvements above the older model include the N2’s expanded 1600 ISO range and a faster maximum shutter speed of 1/2000 of a second.

The DSC-N2 includes Stamina InfoLithium batteries, which Sony quotes at about 300 shots per charge, in today’s press release.

The Sony DSC-N2 will be offered in champagne gold. Like most Cyber-shot models, the N2 will be available for preorder; consumer can find the camera at, starting September 12.

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