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Sony UK Announces Service Advisory for Faulty CCD's

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October 7, 2005 - The Sony UK web site warns that some of its cameras have imaging chips that are going bad, producing distorted images, or even no image at all. The affected cameras were manufactured from October, 2002 to March 2004, and use a particular CCD imaging chip that causes the problem.

Sony UK notes that only a "limited number" have the problem, and is offering free repairs for cameras that are malfunctioning. Cameras that are working properly don't need repair. Sony UK customers can call 08705 143480. In Eire, they can call 01 4131730. Folks elsewhere will just have to track down Sony on their own. Sony UK said the following models of still cameras may be affected. Some camcorders and other devices may also have the defective CCD.  To view a complete list, click here. - DSC-F717- DSC-P10- DSC-P12- DSC-P2- DSC-P31- DSC-P32- DSC-P51- DSC-P52- DSC-P7- DSC-P71- DSC-P72- DSC-P8- DSC-P92- DSC-U10- DSC-U20- DSC-U30- DSC-U60- DSC-V1 

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