Toshiba Introduces 4GB Class 6 SDHC Card

Toshiba Introduces 4GB Class 6 SDHC Card

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January 5, 2007 – Toshiba Corp. announced today three new memory cards: the 4GB Class 6 SDHC card for cameras and camcorders, the tiny 4GB Class 4 miniSDHC card, and the 2GB microSD memory card for mobile applications. The new Toshiba cards are due out in March in the U.S. Pricing has not yet been announced.

"The market for these high performance memory cards will grow alongside increasing demand for digital equipment able to handle motion pictures and high resolution images without long delay times," stated today's Toshiba press release.

The new Class 6 SDHC card improves upon the Class 4 version launched in September. The Class 6 title indicates the card can sustain a higher write speed of 6MB per second and a maximum speed of 20MB per second, according to the release.

The Toshiba 4GB Class 6 SDHC, 4GB Class 4 mini SDHC, and 2GB microSD cards will be available worldwide in April.

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