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Transcend Introduces 8GB SDHC Card

Transcend Introduces 8GB SDHC Card, Transcend 4GB SDHC, Kingston 4GB SDHC, SanDisk 4GB SDHC

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October 13, 2006 – Transcend Information Inc. announced last week their 8GB and 4GB SDHC (Secure Digital High-Capacity) Class 2 flash memory cards. The Transcend 8GB SDHC card will retail for $213, and the 4GB will retail for $97.40 when the cards become available at the end of this month, according to a Transcend representative.

"The SD card is the most popular flash memory standard in the world," according to an Oct. 5th Transcend press release, "and the SDHC is the new generation of SD cards (version 2.0)."

The new Transcend SDHC cards are equipped with NAND Flash chips and support ECC (Error Correcting Code) to prevent errors and ISP (In System Programming) to load firmware, according to the release.

Kingston Technology Company, Inc. launched their 4GB SDHC Class 2 card at Photokina last month at the retail price of $199. The SanDisk Standard SDHC 4GB is also priced at a suggested retail cost of $199.99.

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