Two-Eye Iris Camera Receives Certification

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June 20, 2006 – Iridian Technologies awarded yesterday their Proof Positive certification to the IRISPASS-M Two-Eye Iris Recognition Camera made by Oki Electric Industry Company, Ltd. Passing a series of audits and evaluations, the software company Iridian granted their certification to camera, thus meeting Iridian standards for iris recognition.

'The eye becomes the key to security,' says the Oki slogan. Their IRISPASS-M is a fully automatic biometric camera that scans irises from two feet away in seconds. Developed in the 1980s, iris recognition technology emerged based on the principal that no two irises were alike, including the right and left irises on the same individual. Varying pupil membrane and unique iris patterns differentiate individuals. Today, Oki uses the technology in the IRISPASS-M to control public access in high security areas, including Frankfurt International Airport, Germany, implemented in 2004.

In the last year, Oki has sold over 100 IRISPASS-M's.

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