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Web Photo Posting Software Optimizes Photos for the Web

Web Photo Posting is a photo editing software that optimizes photos for the Web.

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April 20, 2007* - StepOK recently released Web Photo Posting, software that easily optimizes photos for the Web. Developed for photo sharing website users and bloggers, Web Photo Posting retails for $19 and is available for download from the company’s website.

Web Photo Posting has a drop-and-drag friendly interface that allows users to easily load their photos into the program, resize the images, and drag them into a website’s upload window. The program uses a "saving scheme" to set photo dimensions and compression amount. Users can preview images at the chosen quality settings and save the schemes for later use. The batch processing mode cuts down on photo processing time by applying a chosen scheme to a group of photos.

Web Photo Posting retails for $19. A 1-month free trial is available on the company’s website.

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