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Will SLR Fans Be Seeing RED?

RED president Jim Jannard hints at SLR replacement

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The blogosphere is getting hot and bothered over the latest trickle of information from RED, the company whose existing pro camcorder and promised consumer models are some of the most buzzworthy products in the video space. Company president Jim Jannard, in a blog post dated 9/8/08 headlined 'DSLR-killer' says 'We believe, and are developing for late 2009, a replacement for DSLRs. Currently we call is a DSMC (Digital Still & Motion Camera). ' He mentions Nikon and Canon releasing cameras featuring high-def video and claims 'RED has a more advanced view of the future.' In response to eager fanboy questions, Jannard replies that 'I won't comment on any specific until the 1st of the year.'

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