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Yahoo Links to "Interesting" Flickr Photos

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August 30, 2006 – Search engine provider Yahoo! Inc. announced on Thursday new primary photo links to photo-sharing site through the search interface.

When users type "interesting photos" in the Yahoo! Search engine, the first source will now be Flickr "interestingness" photos. Acquired by parent company Yahoo in March 2005, Flickr recently launched its "Interestingness" category on their home page. Users can browse the category to view interesting photos on Flickr, interest being based on the number of comments attached to the photo and tags as "favorite."

Likewise, when users enter "funny photos," "travel photography," or "black and white photography," users will be directed to Flickr as the primary link in the search engine.

"Searching for things that people think are funny is a good example of a query where combing what the community knows (and tags) with what algorithms can compute can lead to better search results," stated Yahoo! Search representative Lingxian Ding on the announcement on Yahoo blog.

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