Olympus Stylus 710

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**Front **

With a crisp metal face plate and nicely engraved lettering, the front of the 710 is pretty slick. Engraved on the front left of the face plate is "7.1 Megapixel." About halfway over is the 3x lens, which protrudes when powered up and then retracts back so it’s flush with the body when asleep or powered down. Just above the lens to the right is the small rectangular flash, and below that on a stainless steel plate is the Olympus logo.


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Effective Pixels 7.1 Megapixels
Battery Type removable lithium-ion
Height 2.2 mm
Width 0.8 mm
Detecting Range Standard: 23.6" - infinity; Close-up Wide: 7.9" - infinity; Close-up Tele: 19.7" - infinity; Super Close-up: 3.2" - 23.6"

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