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LG announces new line of air purifiers at CES 2021

Masks, mobile options, and full-size models

LG announces a new line of air purifiers at CES 2021 Credit: LG

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Air quality is a theme this year at CES 2021.

Just two examples, Samsung is adding an air purifier to its Bespoke home design line-up, and Korean company Puripot brings its innovative purifiers stateside.

Not be be left out, LG has launched its own line of mostly new air purifiers, starring the PuriCare air-purifying face masks that are not yet market ready. However, LG has also quietly announced a few other new, standalone air purifiers. There's very little official information available on these, but we wanted to dig into what we do know about them.

The smallest entry in LG's 2021 PuriCare line is the PuriCare Mini, a portable air purifier meant to be taken with you on the go, from your car to your office to a restaurant. This device uses Bluetooth to connect to LG's signature ThinQ app, which you can use to access all the device's controls on your smart phone.

The rest of LG's new air purifiers connect via WiFi, though they also leverage ThinQ as a remote control. The Mini does not have HEPA filtration and is actually the loudest of the bunch, peaking at a rather quiet 30 dB.

LG hasn't released many details about the PuriCare, PuriCare 360, and PuriCare 360 Tower, although after watching a video about them, we can make comparisons to Dyson's Pure Cool, which uses light sensors to monitor the air quality of the room, then automatically turns on to give the air a good scrubbing.

These full-size devices employ a combination of HEPA filtration, using H12-13 filter material, along with an active charcoal component to neutralize volatile organic compounds. The PuriCare model promises to cover 260 square feet, while the 360 model covers 310 square feet, and the 360 Tower models can handle up to 512 square feet.

As for sound, all of these full-size units are stated to cap out at 25 dB. For comparison, this is about as loud as someone nearby whispering to you.

Pricing will vary across the line-up, with stops at $699 and $1299 for some of the full-size units.

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