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  • Successfully regrows green onions

  • Easy assembly and good-looking

  • Effectively reduces food waste


  • Might be unnecessary to some

Review body

Hamama offers an assortment of DIY kits for growing and regrowing greens at home year round. Its kits offer minimalist garden beds, complete with seed quilts and watering instructions that allow you to grow (and regrow) greens indoors. The kits range from microgreens to cilantro, each providing everything you need to grow them right from your kitchen counter.

I honestly couldn't believe how quickly the new green onions began to sprout from the old ends.
Side by side photos of a person placing a bamboo mat into a plastic container and then topping the whole container with a wooden lid with holes in it for inserting the ends of green onions.
Credit: Hamama

Assembling this grow kit is as easy as placing the bamboo mat, then adding the lid.

I was excited to try the green onion kit as I use scallions in my cooking often and liked the idea of doubling or even tripling their life span. The kit arrived with a minimalist (read: chic!) grow tray, bamboo lid, three coconut mats, and simple instructions. Assembly couldn't be easier; you submerge the coconut mat in water, place it in the grow tray, cover it with the lid, and then place your scallion ends in each of the holes. The coconut mats provide a bed in which the scallions can easily take root, and they do the rest themselves.

About the Hamama Green Onion Kit

Dimensions: 12.5" x 6.5" x 2" (W x D x H)
Capacity: 39 green onion ends
Finishes: Black, white ceramic
Features: Green onion lid, reusable grow tray, 3 coconut mats, growing instructions
Extras: Bamboo frame (sold separately)

What we like

Green onions sprout from a plastic box.
Credit: Reviewed / Xana Turner-Owens

Your new green onions will be ready to trim and cook with in about two weeks.

It successfully regrew my green onions in the specified timeline

I was able to get two full regrowth cycles out of the original scallion purchase, tripling its lifespan. I also loved the overall design and function—it's a beautiful addition to any countertop or kitchen island, while producing farm-stand quality greens in record time.

Assembling the kit is extremely easy

This kit is chic, simple to assemble, and easy to use, with no leaks or mess to clean up. Plus, it's great for all ages. Think: functional Chia Pet.

This kit effectively reduced my food waste

Hamama is helping to reduce food waste and asking customers to think more consciously about ways to reuse and recycle within their own homes. I loved being able to upcycle what would have otherwise gone in the trash. Now, in addition to composting, there are fun ways like this to reduce food waste and contribute individually to a more sustainable future.

What we don’t like

Technically, this kit might be unnecessary for regrowing green onions

My only critique of this kit is that scallions can usually regrow on their own in water, so some may argue that the kit is superfluous. It redeemed itself for me, however, in how much quicker the process became when using the Hamama kit. The coconut mats provided in the kit allow the scallion’s root systems to regenerate, providing necessary nutrients that promote regrowth and massively increase the green onion’s lifespan.

Should you buy the Hamama Green Onion Kit?

Green onion sprouting from a container with a wooden top filled with holes out of which the onions can grow.
Credit: Reviewed / Xana Turner-Owens

These wily edible stems sprouted from green onion ends that would've otherwise been thrown away.

Yes, especially if you're looking for ways to be more eco-friendly in the kitchen

Overall, I’m a big fan. Not only did the kit triple the lifespan of a single scallion purchase, it also provided an easy way to incorporate gardening into your kitchen year round. Within a matter of just two days, some scallion ends had over two inches of new growth and by the end of the suggested two-week period, I had a full new crop of green onions. I used them throughout the week to make a salsa verde and to garnish tacos and scrambled eggs, then used a second coconut mat to regrow the scallion ends for a third time. I couldn't believe I was able to get a third cycle from the original green onions I’d purchased weeks prior.

There are a lot of at-home grow kits on the market, but Hamama is unique in its accessibility. I’ve seen hydroponic gardens and at-home “green houses” sell for upwards of $800, while Hamama offers a range of green growing opportunities all for under $100. This kits are super user-friendly and would make a fun project for the whole family. Hamama’s kits are easy to use, designed beautifully, and most importantly; highly effective.

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