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21 perfect bar gifts for your party animal friends

You're about to go wild

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We all have that friend who loves to play mixologist at home. We also all have that friend who loses all concentration when a dog walks by. If you're like me, you have a friend who's both (hi!).

This year, we rounded up the cutest animal-themed barware, perfect anyone who a) loves animals b) loves to drink c) needs to bolster their bar cart. These clever, punny gifts will delight pretty much anyone on your gift-giving list. Cheers!

1. A Dinosaur ice mold for when you want to get tyrannosaurus wrecked

Credit: Amazon

Buy dinosaur ice molds for $7.28 on Amazon

2. This safari animal multi-tool is perfect for those wild nights

Credit: Amazon

Buy animal multi-tool for $19.98 on Amazon

3. A Corgi wine stopper because Corki

Credit: Amazon

Buy Corgi wine stopper for $11.93 on Amazon

4. Toucan't live without these cute kitchen shears

Credit: Amazon

Buy toucan kitchen shears for $11.02 on Amazon

5. This shark bottle opener has Jaws of steel (get it?)

Credit: Amazon

Buy shark bottle opener for $27 on Amazon

6. It'd be fair to call this cork collection your moose stash

Credit: Amazon

Buy moose cork cage for $29.99 on Amazon

7. An octopus ice tray if you're in the mood for coolamari

Credit: Amazon

Buy Coolamari ice tray for $15.62 on Amazon

8. We can bearly wait to use this Grizzly bottle opener

Credit: Amazon

Buy bear bottle opener for $7.90 on Amazon

9. A penguin cocktail shaker that encourages you to shake your tailfeather

Credit: Amazon

Buy penguin shaker for $21.15 on Amazon

10. Spouting whale party picks so that you can yell, "I'll get you, Moby Pick!"


Buy 32 whale party picks for $10.93 on Amazon

11. A bluebird corkscrew to keep your bar looking fly

Credit: Amazon

Buy bluebird corkscrew for $39.90 on Amazon

12. This elephant bottle opener that'll make you drink, drank, trunk

Credit: Amazon

Buy elephant bottle opener for $20 on Amazon

13. A parrot corkscrew that is... Dare I say it? A Corkatil

Credit: Amazon

Buy parrot corkscrew for $12.18 on Amazon

14. These kitten glass charms have wine lives

Credit: Amazon

Buy kitten charms for $9.97 on Amazon

15. A deer bottle stopper for when you're drinking stag

Credit: Amazon

Buy deer stopper for $14 on Amazon

16. Woodland animal cocktail napkins to channel your inner Snow White

Credit: Amazon

Buy 20 cocktail napkins for $15 on Amazon

17. A Rabbit wine opener for when you're late for a very important date

Credit: Amazon

Buy Rabbit wine opener for $26.50 on Amazon

18. These sleeping critter coasters aren't passed out, they're just resting their eyes

Credit: Amazon

Buy 4 coasters for $8 on Amazon

19. French Bulldog napkins because you couldn't say no to those puppy dog eyes

Credit: Amazon

Buy cocktail napkins for $13.90 on Amazon

20. Flamingo Straws that your guests will flock to

Credit: Amazon

Buy 50 flamingo straws for $10 on Amazon

21. These whale tail drink stirrers may send you into a... tailspin...

Credit: Amazon

Buy 6 whale stirrers for $10.66 on Amazon

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