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If you Instagram your food, you definitely need this photo app

This app is a game-changer.

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If you’ve ever snapped a photo of a particularly picturesque cake or a dressed-up Bloody Mary and then struggled to choose the best shot to share, this app is for you.

EyeEm just released a feature on its app called EyeEm Selects, which combs your photo library for the most visually appealing images. EyeEm is a photo company where some 20 million users share and sell stock images on EyeEm’s global marketplace.

Credit: EyeEm

The new feature “uses our computer vision technology to scan your entire camera roll and recommends the best images to upload,” says Lorenz Aschoff, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer at EyeEm. “Our technology focuses a lot on aesthetics, selecting images that are composed particularly well.”

The app goes beyond the technicalities of photography and dives deeper into what makes an image beautiful. “Everyone has shot a commercially viable photo at some point in time, but they usually don't know it,” explains Aschoff. “Our technology has been trained by professional curators and researchers for years to be able to find the most beautiful images.”

Credit: EyeEm

That means that EyeEm’s pick will almost always be the most visually interesting. But what makes a good photo?

“Images that deviate from the established rules are often the ones that evoke strong aesthetics,” wrote Appu Shaji, EyeEm’s head of research and development, in a piece for Medium. “For this reason, we purposely dissuade [our] photo curators from deconstructing the technical aspects [of an image] and encourage them to use their innate visual sense and judgement.”

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EyeEm Select is done completely on-device, meaning your photos aren't sent to a server or cloud database which saves both your battery and data. The app is free, and the Selects feature is available for Android, and as of last week, iOS.

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Whether you’re trying to impress your followers with a shot of your insane brunch or looking to sell your images to stock companies like Getty, Adobe Stock, or Alamy, Aschoff says, “EyeEm Selects helps uncover those hidden gems within your camera roll so you can do more with your photography.”

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