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9 plant-based foods for easy Meatless Mondays

These meat alternatives are packed with protein.

These plant-based products are great for Meatless Monday. Credit: Dave's Killer Bread / Seapoint Farms

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Whether you've resolved to practice Meatless Monday, eat more plant-based meals, or go completely vegan, opting to eat less meat can have a profound impact on both your health, the environment, and in some cases your wallet. And lucky for you, eating less meat doesn’t have to mean salads on repeat. There are some innovative and tasty products that you can easily snag at your local grocery store or order online via grocery delivery services.

If you've jumped on the meatless bandwagon and feel completely lost during your supermarket run, check out this list of awesome dietitian-approved (that's me!) products to help guide you. Along with fruits, veggies, beans, nuts, seeds, and other plant-based foods, these convenient options can make Meatless Monday oh-so-satisfying.

1. Dr. Praeger’s Perfect Burgers

Dr. Praeger's
Credit: Dr. Praeger's

Dr. Praeger's sliders are packed with protein and some hidden veggies, too.

On busy days, these meatless sliders are a life saver when you need a quick meal and all you want is a burger. Microwavable and ready in minutes, these plant-based burgers provide 20 grams of protein per serving. They've even got some extra ingredients snuck in there like carrots, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, and beets.

Get Dr. Praeger’s Perfect Burgers at FreshDirect for $4.99

2. Pacific Foods Oat Milk

oat milk
Credit: Pacific Foods

Dairy-free oat milks are a great source of plant-based protein.

If you are avoiding dairy, Pacific Foods Oat Milk is a rich and creamy plant-based beverage made with nutrient-dense oats. Dairy-free, carrageenan-free, and vegan, Pacific’s Oat Milks offer a good source of plant-based protein, calcium, and Vitamin D in easy-to-use, shelf-stable packaging.

Get a 2-pack of Pacific Foods Oat Milk at Thrive Market for $5.98

3. Dave’s Killer Bread Killer Classic English Muffins

English muffins
Credit: Dave's Killer Bread

These English muffins are a great source of protein thanks to quinoa, spelt, rye, millet and barley.

When you're going meatless, it's important to make sure you're getting plenty of protein elsewhere. These English muffins boast 6 grams of protein along with 8 grams of whole grains per muffin.

Loaded with flavor craters, Dave’s Killer Bread’s take on the classic English muffin is made with 5 super grains—quinoa, spelt, rye, millet, and barley—giving these meat-free muffins a boost of nutrition. Pro tip: These are an amazing base for killer English muffin pizzas.

Get Dave’s Killer Bread Killer Classic English Muffins on Instacart for $5.49

4. Bob’s Red Mill Almond Protein Powder

protein powder
Credit: Bob’s Red Mill

As far as protein powders go, this plant-powered option is subtly sweet and highly blends like a dream.

Made with the highest quality blanched almonds, it’s easy to feel good about a clean label with no added flavors, colors, or sweeteners. Not only that, but Bob’s Red Mill Almond Protein Powder is non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free. Each serving packs 20 grams of plant-powered protein, and is rich in calcium and fiber to help fuel your busiest days.

This subtly sweet, creamy powder blends perfectly into smoothies, baked goods, oatmeal, pasta sauces, and more, adding an extra boost of nutrition while hardly tasting a difference to your favorite meals.

Get Bob’s Red Mill Almond Protein Powder from Bob’s Red Mill for $18.49

5. Wonderful Pistachios, Roasted and Salted

Credit: Wonderful Pistachios

Add these pistachios to your favorite dish or eat them on their own as a snack.

Whether you sprinkle these on yogurt, add them to trail mix, or simply enjoy by the handful, Wonderful Pistachios are a perfect protein source for plant-based meals. In fact, pistachios are one of the highest protein nuts, offering six grams of plant protein per serving that help fuel your body with essential amino acids. And perhaps most importantly, these pistachios are absolutely delicious.

Get a 2-pack of Wonderful Pistachios, Roasted and Salted on Amazon for $10.50

6. Halo Top Birthday Cake Dairy-Free Frozen Dessert

halo top
Credit: Halo Top

Finish off your Meatless Monday with a scoop of dairy-free Halo Top ice cream.

If you are going dairy-free, don’t think you have to sacrifice anything in the dessert department. Halo Top serves up a frozen dessert that is coconut-based and tastes just like birthday cake! And the burst of rainbow sprinkles makes this treat so much fun to eat.

Get Halo Top Birthday Cake Dairy-Free Frozen Dessert at Target for $4.99

7. Lightlife Tempeh Smoky Bacon

tempeh bacon
Credit: Lightlife

Giving up bacon can be hard, but this smoky tempeh is a great substitute.

If you don’t know how you'll survive without your beloved bacon, give this tempeh version a spin. Made with natural ingredients like soybeans, beet powder, and spices, these strips are perfectly flavored to be a welcomed stand-in when creating dishes like a BLT or a Cobb salad.

Get Lightlife Tempeh Smoky Bacon on Instacart for $5.49

8. Gardein Beefless Ground

Credit: Gardein

Plant-based meatless grounds are a great substitute for ground beef.

Making your classic chili or favorite tacos? Use these meatless grounds instead of ground beef. Completely vegetarian-friendly, but still boasting 18 grams of protein per serving, this meat substitute is such a great swap that even the most distinguished palates won’t be able to tell the difference.

Get Gardein Beefless Ground at Target for $4.19

9. Seapoint Farms Barbeque Mighty Lil' Lentils

Credit: Seapoint Farms

Roasted lentils are highly snackable and full of protein.

When the munchies hit, these roasted lentils will satisfy your craving. Made from real lentils, these little crunchy bites are packed with a slew of natural nutrients, including fiber, folate, and 5 grams of plant-based protein per serving.

Get a 3-pack of Seapoint Farms Barbeque Mighty Lil' Lentils on Amazon for $13.36

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