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We tried the world's first 'Clear Coffee'—and it’s not for coffee-lovers

The mildest of all coffees


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Clear Coffee is the world’s first colorless coffee drink. It’s made with roasted Arabica coffee beans and water, essentially posing as clear cold brew.

Credit: / Mike Roorda

Each 200 mL bottle contains 100 mg of caffeine, so it packs about the same caffeine kick as its regular coffee counterpart, but without the teeth-staining color. A two-pack costs about $6.33.

But how does it taste?

Credit: / Mike Roorda

It decidedly does not taste like potent cold brew, or even a mild regular brew. As one of our staffers put it, Clear Coffee tastes like water that was poured into a cup with some coffee left in it. I have to agree.

Credit: / Mike Roorda

In the bottle, it’s an off-yellow color, which is a little off-putting especially when you spike it with cream or milk as you would normal coffee.

Credit: / Mike Roorda

Personally, I didn’t mind the stuff—But I don’t love the flavor of coffee, despite sipping it daily. This beverage isn’t the best for coffee enthusiasts, but if you’re a caffeine hound who doesn’t like coffee (or coffee breath), this is the beverage for you.

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