This popular DNA kit is on sale for the Fourth of July

Want to see if your ancestors were here for the birth of our great nation?

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Ancestry just announced a 48-hour flash sale in honor of our nation's birthday, giving you the chance to get a discounted DNA test kit or save money on their subscription service. This is the best price they offer on their DNA kits outside of holiday season, so we're pretty excited.

Last Christmas, I bought my sister an AncestryDNA test kit which was at the top of her wishlist. While it was pricier than some of the other things on her list, I couldn't help but think that it would kind of be a gift for me too.

We’d always been curious about my family's exact genealogy, as my dad was born in South Africa and has both Jewish ancestry as well as South Asian roots, but the specifics had always been a bit of a question mark. With a DNA kit, we would all get to discover a little more about our family history, and needless to say, the results were fascinating. We discovered a hodgepodge of ethnic roots, including 4% genetic material from the Iberian Peninsula, and 4% from the East Asia territory.

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If you’re curious about your genealogy like my family was, DNA testing allows you to learn details about your heritage and family tree that you’d otherwise probably never be privy to. One of the most well-known and trusted sites, AncestryDNA can give you an incredibly precise ethnicity estimate, based on data collected from a huge database of more than 10 million people, from hundred regions around the world. Typically, an AncestryDNA kit costs $99, but from now until July 4 at 9 p.m. PT (12 a.m. ET), you can get your own kit for just $59 on, which is only $10 more than the best price we've ever seen, which typically hits around Black Friday.

To take the test, all you need to do is spit in the tube they provide and send it back in the mail—Ancestry even supplies a paid return envelope for your saliva. From there, it should take a few weeks for you to get your results back, which will give you ethnicity estimates, ancestry migration patterns, and more, all in impressive detail. For example, I learned that my family’s Jewish ancestry is shared with people in Lithuania, Latvia, and Belarus, which is spot-on based on what we'd already known.

If you’d like to learn even more about your own family history, beyond where your ancestors might have lived, you can sign up for Ancestry's subscription service. This will give you access to all sorts of public records, including marriage, birth, and death certificates that go back generations. The best part is that this Fourth of July sale also includes 50% off memberships, which typically start at $19.99/month. One of my coworkers did the 14-day free trial and was able to dig up a ton of dirt on her ancestors, so imagine what you'd be able to do with a whole month for just $10 (with this flash sale price).

Keep in mind that this incredible deal only lasts for 48 hours, and will be gone this Friday, July 4 at 9 p.m. PT (12 a.m. ET), so now is the perfect time to try it out. These kits are also available on Amazon if you prefer to shop there.

Get the AncestryDNA testing kit at for $59 (Save $40)

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