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This awesome Amazon deal will help you survive tax season

Get your taxes over with now, save more money, and don't think about it again until next year.

You can get your tax software now and save $10 Credit: TurboTax

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We're halfway through January, and you've probably already started to receive documents from employers, lenders, and the like for your 2017 taxes. Even if you don't have everything you need, you can still start getting things in order now so you can file early, get your refund, and relax for the next few months.

If you prefer to handle your own tax prep, you might be happy to know that TurboTax is currently on sale on Amazon. We saw these same prices at the tail end of 2017, and we're thrilled the deal is back.

*The digital download for each level of software is also on sale. You can download it and get started right away, but the discount is only $10 for each.

When you have TurboTax software, you'll get to take advantage of a few perks to make filing even easier. The software guides you through each step of the process, double checking every piece of information you enter along the way. TurboTax will also scour 350 different deductions to ensure you'll get the biggest refund possible. And if you have any questions? You can call one of their tax experts, who will help you make sense of whatever leaves you scratching your head.

On the off chance you get audited (knock on wood), TurboTax offers guaranteed audit support. But they also have a featured called the Audit Risk Meter to assess your odds of being audited before you file.

After you've filed, you can make 2018 an even better year for your finances, with a little help from Quicken. A free 1-year trial of the Quicken Starter software is included with TurboTax, an exclusive Amazon offer.

Find the right TurboTax software on sale at Amazon

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