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After testing hundreds of dishwashers and nearly every upscale model, we know a high-end model when we see one. The Kenmore Elite 14833 (MSRP $1,899, sale prices around $1,470) is definitely a high-end dishwasher.

Stainless steel inside and out, this Whirlpool-built Elite is loaded with Kenmore's best dishwashing technology, including an advanced particle filtration system, motorized spray arm, and water nozzles mounted directly on the walls. Every dishwasher with these innovations has impressed us in our lab tests, so it's no surprise that we like the 14833.

The convenience features are equally "Elite." Between the flexible, multi-part cutlery basket, the convenient one-handed height adjustment handle on the upper rack, and numerous adjustable parts on the racks themselves, we'd say the 14833 handles nicely. The controls are simple to use and responsive, making for a truly premium dishwasher that takes most of the hassle out of an everyday household chore.

Our only concern is the price: Other dishwashers clean just as well and cost hundreds less. But if you can find a sale at Sears that gets this dishwasher below $1,200, we wouldn't have any qualms about buying this Kenmore.

This video shows the inside of the Kenmore Elite 14763, which has the same wash system as the 14833.

Even with all its perks, there's still one model above the 14833 in Kenmore's lineup. The Kenmore 14823 gets that honor, but only because of one feature: It has a window on the front. Combined with the interior lights, which turn on for a few minutes when a cycle finishes, owners can peek through the window to see what's inside without opening the door. But other than what is strictly an aesthetic feature, the two dishwashers are otherwise identical.

While it's true windows are rare among dishwashers on the market today, they're also not a feature every buyer wants. If you're going for an uncluttered look in your kitchen, you will prefer the 14833 over its pricier, glassier cousin.

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