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  • Great cleaning ability

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LG LDT7808ST dishwasher
Credit: LG Electronics

This LG dishwasher looks great in stainless steel. It's as functional as it is attractive, and its plethora of features makes it a good value.

What we love about it

There’s a lot to praise here, starting with this list:

• It's near silent, at 42 dBA.
• The exterior is elegant, whether you choose stainless steel, black stainless, or matte black stainless. The control panel is at the top, so it's invisible when the door is closed.
• Steam helps get dishes cleaner (though only on the heavy cycle.)
• All the tines are adjustable, to make it easier to find the right fit for dishes.
• Two of the four spray arms swivel to get every surface clean.
• Height adjusts on the middle rack.
• One side of the third rack adjusts to make room for deeper items.
• Half Load washes just the top or just the bottom rack. (Some GE dishwashers do this, too.)
• Delay start lets you run the dishwasher while you're asleep or out of the house.
• You can get notified on your smartphone when a cycle completes.

Credit: Reviewed / Kyle Hamilton

The left side of the third rack is adjustable to provide room for deep utensils and small bowls.

Overall, this dishwasher is a pleasure to load, making a no-fun task easier. The racks feel sturdy, and they slide smoothly.


The dishes we use to test dishwashers are much grosser and more challenging than yours at home, and we never pre-wash or scrape them. This dishwasher did an amazing cleaning job on the heavy cycle, where you get steam by default. (Steam is also the default for the Delicate and Refresh cycles, but you can also add it as an option for the Auto and Normal cycles.)

In our tests, the dishwasher cleaned 100% of most food stains, though it left on some melted cheese. Scrape well before loading cheesy dishes.

Credit: Reviewed / Kyle Hamilton

Steam helps reduce spots on dishes. The heavy cycle has steam by default, and it works well. Don't bother to turn it on for other cycles—it won't make much difference.

Yes, the heavy cycle is an investment in time, at three hours, but when you've got a sink full of really messy dishes, it's a great solution.

Credit: Reviewed / Kyle Hamilton

Two of the four spray arms on this dishwasher spin to clean each surface more effectively.

On the Normal cycle, food stains, were over 99% clean. The best the dishwasher could do with spinach was removing 73% of it. You probably don't deal with dried spinach plates in every load, but think of it as emulating a sticky sauce. At the end of 2.5 hours, everything was completely dry, except for one plate. That's great for a 21st century dishwasher.

You might never try the quick cycle, which LG calls "Turbo", but when we tested it, at the end of an hour, only a little bit of spinach remained on the dishes. Again, scraping the plates will make a big difference at your house.

What the owners have to say

This dishwasher is too new to have any reviews posted. Similar LG models have earned high marks from hundreds of users.


LG offers warranty coverage of two years on parts, and one year on labor. Extended coverage includes five years on the control board and rack parts, and 10 years on the direct drive motor.

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The bottom line

Our tests show that this impressive dishwasher does well washing dishes, especially on the heavy cycle with steam, which eradicated almost every particle. Make sure you scrape any melted cheese and spinach off your dishes before loading them.

Quiet and versatile, this machine is in the same league as a Bosch—that dynasty of our favorite dishwashers. A dishwasher in the Bosch 800 series is our top-rated dishwasher of 2018. This steamy LG is right behind it.

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